14 Jan 2018

And Then, Feel The Rage...

I noted, was it yesterday? The day before? Can’t remember but it sure wasn’t tomorrow, that Trumpton has created a storm of protest from the usual suspects as he’s, allegedly, called a few places shitholes. Created a shit-storm I guess. And it’s a joy to watch the melt-down.

This got me thinking a little and I’m full sure you good folk will be streets ahead of me but here goes anyway.

Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t the charity business and various MSM and TV gimmi-thons being relentlessly telling and showing us for years of the unbelievable plight of folk in far away lands who live in abject poverty and squalor? Usually showing many clips of kids crying with runny noses often sitting in open sewers? Is this not meant to instil into us the fact that they are living in shitholes? Is that not the subliminal message meant to persuade the gullible to part with their money? How many folk watch those ‘heart tugging’ adverts and TV gimmi-thons and think, “Man, that place looks like a real shithole. Let’s give ‘em some money.” Or say, “What a shithole. What’s on the other channel then?”

Then, Trumpton says it as it is, allegedly, and the same virtue signalling snowflakes – and many who should really know far better – are apoplectic with rage with many top folk declaring their countries are not shitholes.

The logical conclusion I draw from all this outrage at these countries being called shitholes is that they aren’t, as we’ve been subliminally conditioned to believe, shitholes at all and thus it follows that the inhabitants of said non-shitholes really don’t need to run the gauntlet for asylum, there’s no need for foreign aid and the charities, bless ‘em, can pack up and refund all donations. Yeah, right.

I confess I’m confused but not, I’ll wager, as confused as the bed-wetters who’s collective heads must be spinning way faster than that kid’s in the Exorcist ever did trying to figure out how to extricate themselves from the mouth before brain bit that’s left them trying to decide if those places should, indeed, be called shitholes and thus in need of all our money, or should not be called shitholes and thus not in any need of any aid or charity whatsoever. Seems the best they can come up with, at time of typing, is to play the ol’ racist card. So there you go; calling a shithole a shithole is now racist.

Trumpton? Man, he’s a cleaver ol’ devil is he not? Well played that POTUS. I’ll sit back, relax and await the next Trumpton inspired bed-wetter melt-down.

Quote;  Grant Morrison.

“Ours is an overpopulated, under educated, shithole in the throes of mass extinctions - it's a wonderful world.”


Anonymous said...

Mac - a round of applause to you. What can I say to that, except to point out that not a single one of those outraged 'shithole' deniers have booked their annual holiday in Haiti..

Ripper said...

The above comment is mine - forgot to login properly!

Mac said...

Oh please, do try and keep up. There’s no need for them to take holidays there as all those stage, screen and TV luvvies who front all those charity adverts and TV gimmi-thons with such tear inducing sincerity are so dedicated to those causes that they’re already living in their shithole of choice - all the better to redistribute a huge chunk of their great wealth directly to those people in need.
They’re also working tirelessly aiding ‘charity workers’ in ‘refugee’ camps, teaching the bearded children, drilling water wells and dabbing kids noses at medical centers. When they’re not ‘hands-on’ on the front line they’re tending to all the crippled donkeys and dancing bears they’ve rescued... Aren’t they? No? Well I’ll be damned!

Ripper said...

Mac - you mean like this luvvie?


Mac said...

Another beauty (TM).
These types have absolutely no self awareness do they and repeatedly set themselves up for a fall. And have never come across the very old, well tried and tested phrase, Engage Brain To Avoid Pain.
Love the definition down the way; Racist - noun: Someone who wins an argument against a liberal.

Caratacus said...

The Memsahib voiced similar sentiments yesterday and, unusually, went further in an impassioned monologue about how these shithole countries have been appallingly governed for fifty years or more and will presumably be so governed for the next fifty.

I ventured the thought that Germany, which was on its knees financially, industrially and socially in 1945 had managed to pull itself together and become an economic powerhouse again in less than 15 years. This may have had something to do with the fact that little of the aid it received from the USA - and the UK - was diverted into the private bank accounts of various gubmint officials, and the innate work ethic of the krauts - I'm so sorry, the Germans - was harnessed with the usual Teutonic efficiency by industrialists and socially motivated politicians.

The shithole countries, by contrast, have had untold wealth showered upon them for years by guilt-ridden and stupid politicians in the west who have delved shamelessly and ever deeper into the trouser pockets of their patient and long-suffering taxpayers. And every year we are expected to shell out for the latest piece of self-inflicted misery.

And breathe ...

Apologies Mac, but your splendid article sort of was bound to instigate some sort of response ;-)

Mac said...

Thank you, you've jogged my memory regarding Africa and I'll post my response to your comment via a post tomorrow evening.
A true tale along the lines of, 'Teach a man to fish...'