22 Sep 2017

And Then A Speech...

No, at time of posting I haven’t heard it nor any reports relating to it. All I know is old Ma May-Day-Away is going somewhere with, apparently, Florence of Magic Roundabout fame, to talk, in a roundabout sort o’ way, about us getting off that EU roundabout thingy. Possibly. In a round-about a few years time. Will she climb off the roundabout waving a bit of paper, in a Chamber-pot sort o’ way, declaring she’s won penury for us for the foreseeable future?

Now this wot’s below is an old clip that’s featured here before but, to me, and never mind wot a nice fellow that Dave Davis is, demonstrates the perfect negotiating stance for leaving the EU. Come on Dave, watch and learn. Really, what else is there to say? Maybe May could confine her speech to just a handful of meaningful words as well. That’d work.


If you follow the blue link coming up, or down, you’ll find some fine footage. Please don’t confuse the clip with our very own Old Mother Maybe, although there maybe similarities, as it’s another mother altogether who, on reflection, had far more charisma and talent than our ‘beloved’ Mother MayBot.
It’s a longish clip but the first couple of minutes is my gem.  
You old folk feel just a tad older after watching that? Happy weekend.

Quote;  John F. Kennedy.

“We cannot negotiate with people who say what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable."

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