11 Aug 2017

And Then, No End...

I was perusing places on that Net thingy early doors when a link popped up before my eyes wot cheered me up immensely. Below is a toilet designation sign as used by M & S stores. Like me, no doubt you, when in need of relief, look for the sign indicating toilets, choose the door with the sign that best represents your chosen gender designation of the day, dive in and relieve yourself.

Now please take a moment to study the sign under no pressure and I’m sure you’ll be as upset and outraged by it as I am.


As outraged by the sign as as we are, most of us are too shy, or dare I say timid, or possibly have more urgent things to worry about so don’t  put pen to paper to direct our ire at the store in question. Have no fear, there’s always a nutter ready to wake of a morning and proceed with the sole intention of finding something, anything, that offends them and broadcast that offence to the world.

The thing about wot’s below is the scary mention that the police are involved. The police? Please let that bit be another wind-up.

Writing on the company’s Facebook page, Sawyer said she felt “surprised and disappointed” at two toilet signs in the Shoreham store which depict a woman with a baby, and a man on his own.
   “I expected being a family store that you understood that families very much share children’s needs and personal care, not just women,” she said, and urged Marks & Spencer to either add a picture of a child to the men’s toilet sign, or remove the depiction of a child on the women’s sign.
   In a reply to the complaint, Police Sergeant Peter Allan the ‘Hate Crime Ambassador’ and ‘Trans Equality Advocate’ at Sussex Police described the signs as a “surprise”, reporting his having “had conversations with Tesco and Sainsbury about issues of gender identity”.

Mzz Sawyer, good luck with your endeavours and may all your days offend you and stifle  your quest for happiness. Let’s just hope WWIII doesn’t interfere with the store being able to resolve this heinous signage debacle.

Here’s a song for you Surprised-and-disappointed Sawyer. It’s featured here before but I feel, as time goes by, it’s rapidly become a sort of anthem for the age.


Quote;  Rohinton Mistry.

“Flirting with madness was one thing; when madness started flirting back, it was time to call the whole thing off.”

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