27 Jun 2017

And Then They Go Home...

Glastonbury’s over and the revellers have all gone home. From all the news and various posts relating to the attendees of this bit of a do, they all seem to agree these folk where, in the main,  twenty something, middle class children and middle aged, middle class children. I can relate to that considering wot it it cost to get into the tip.

From the above, it follows that a goodly percentage of these folk will be rabid greens and eco worriers and will be the most vociferous regarding the litter strewn state of their local streets and the ghastly people who drop said litter.

They will have a special template of vitriol for those who dare to allow their dogs to foul the footpaths and verges and fail to clean-up. Let’s not get started on the hand flapping in front of face when they spot someone smoking a hundred yards away...

Anyhoo, these will be the folk who’ve just spent an expensive week in a tent listening to music(?) and littering the place and have now left for home where they’ll once more complain bitterly about the litter strewn state of their own streets.

You can find more countryside enrichment photos here.

Go figure. Say wot now? Whatever they’re doing and where ever they go these children expect someone else to clean up after them?  Not their job then, right? It would’ve been nice, all the same, to see each  and every one of ‘em fined a bunch of pounds for littering as they left... countryside

Quote;  Neal Shusterman.

“It's called loitering, which is like littering with human beings as the trash.”


Anonymous said...

We get a year off in 2018.
How does this bunch of Left wing madmen get a 'Premise License'?
Someone should tell them that 'The Young Ones' was a comedy series, not a behavioural handbook.

Mac said...

Ah, The Young Ones. Those are the days...
How about this. The site was ‘protected’ by a big wall so after the last number the leader of the group - or, indeed, the event organiser - thanks the crowd and asks them to take the plastic bin liner they’d been supplied with at the start of the last set, bend down and pick up the litter in their immediate vicinity. Thereafter, to move freely round the festival site and keep on picking up. Once the site looks reasonably tidy, the Exit gates will be unlocked and the revellers would be free to leave depositing their full trash bags in the provided skips by the exit.
Oh, and you don’t want your tent or sleeping bag? Not a problem as we understand there are many high-rise guys looking for temporary shelter so we’ll ship ‘em off to the relevant local authorities. Thank you and bu-by.

Anonymous said...

They certainly have to be treated like naughty children.
Elsewhere on the net, US Tea Party members claim that they held rallies with six figure attendences and the place was tidier when they left than when they arrived.
The kiddies should be shown footage of Nuremberg Rallies so they know how to behave when the likes of Corbygruber make their apprearances. Let's hear it for those Sieg Heils.

Mac said...

Yes, I spotted that as well. I also noted that the Japanese, when attending sporting events and other public gatherings lasting an extended period, take their own trash bags and clean up before leaving.
Many years ago, I spent quite a bit of time in Japan and found them to be ridiculously polite and their general demeanour was one of scrupulous cleanliness and tidiness. This is true of most peoples in the Far East. Clean and tidy - much as us old folk here were brought up to be.