2 May 2017

And Then, A Share...

Attention all back pain sufferers, this is just a note I’m passing along on my recent experience and please note, it’s not intended to be an advertorial, it is in no way an endorsement or a recommendation, it’s just me passing along what happened to me so you can make of it what you will and try them, if you haven’t already, if you wish.

Us serious back pain sufferers know only too well that the days when there’s absolutely no sensation in the area of our discomfort, and it’s absolutely niggle free, are few and far between, right? It’s always there to a lesser or greater degree just to let us know not to do any sudden bending  or twisting or standing from sitting too quickly, right? And when we ignore the niggle and do make a sudden, dependant on age, twist, we tend to pay the price.

My back got a whole hell of a lot better, but never one hundred percent niggle free, after my visit to ol’ Mr Bone Bender the Chiropractor. You may recall that upon my first visit I popped into the wrong shop but, to save my embarrassment, I had my toe nails trimmed. Remember? I know, and why, indeed, would you?

Anyhoo, about five weeks ago, I woke, casually swung my legs out o’ bed and bound into a sitting position ready to haul on my socks when, yup, you guessed it, the niggle said, “Whoa!! That was fast! You nuts? Have a bit of this then!”

In almost double up mode, I made it to the coffee maker, as you do, and contemplated my predicament as those Val-deri,Val-dera tabs have been withdrawn from the UK market and all I had was a tube of that Val-deri,Val-dera cream. I checked in our pharmacy, the smallest cupboard in the kitchen, and there, right in front was a pack o’ pills proclaiming on the box they were for joint and back pain. When did we get those then? No idea, but they were there, I was in discomfort so thought I may as well try one. So I took two. And this is where it gets weirdly magical.

Within no more than two hours I was bounding about like a spring lamb. Okay, an elderly sheep then. But what quickly became apparent was total, and I am talking total, lack of even a hint of a niggle. I tested this by bending and touching my toes. Nothing. It did, however, upon straightening up, on reflection a tad too quickly, result in a dizzy spell whereupon I fell and cracked my head. But that’s another story and more an age related thingy rather than back related.

That is it. Two pills with just the one repeat, a week ago, of one pill when I felt the merest hint of ol’ Mr Niggle. One pill, gone completely in less than an hour. Three tabs in five weeks going on six and I’m niggleless.

I’m finding it increasingly hard to believe this is just these pills and keep trying to think of what else happened in conjunction with the pill taking but come up with nothing whatsoever.

So there you go and all I’m saying here is that they would appear to work for me. Indeed work like magic. Yes, I can hear you,  ‘Man, is this nutter ever going to tell us what tabs they are?’ Nothing new, nothing special just these:


Like I say, I can’t believe they worked so magically as they just seem to be a dressed-up posh aspirin. You’ve tried ‘em and they didn’t work for you? Could it just be that my metabolism, is that the right word? is just, like, totally and awesomely in-tune with these little suckers? No idea. If you haven’t tried them, what’s to lose? Ol’ Mr Niggle might, just might be what you do lose.

Quote;  Tommy Cooper.

“A woman tells her doctor, 'I've got a bad back.' The doctor says, 'It's old age.' The woman says, 'I want a second opinion.' The doctor says, 'Okay - you're ugly as well.'”

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