15 Mar 2017

And Then, In A Blink...

A nice fellow came round yesterday to sort me out as previously mentioned. Happily, it was just my Interwab connection he sorted.

This entailed new strings being run hear, there and everywhere, a new magic box installed complete with a new router. Today was spent sorting the strings out and getting them hidden as best I can. Almost done. Installers aren’t quite the installers of days gone by it seems. Get the wires from one end to the other, plug in and if it works, bu-by.

Now I’m looking, no, really I am, at a network card problem in the laptop. Does it never end? Despite that, with the fibre string connected, Web pages load in the blink of an eye. Actually, about five rapid blinks. This is a marked improvement over the ten average speed blinks it took previously and gives me a gain of five plus blinks per site visited to spend blinking at other stuff.

This is a tremendous gain if I visit ten plus sites of a morning, right? Take this AM just for starters, I had time and blinks aplenty to... oh, I don’t know; blink at unruly computer wires perchance? If only blinks were bankable eh? You see me blinking? Wot?!!? You can? Damn those security settings...

As for the network card, what can I say? Damn!! again for now but my descriptive language may deteriorate over a very short period...

Quote;  ??

"If brute force doesn't solve your problems, then you aren't using enough."

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