10 Feb 2017

And Then, Toons...

Awoke to a snowy Armageddon today as promised by the MSM. It’s now mid afternoon and I’m delighted to report we survived as the light covering of global warming has now melted away. It was touch and go for a while though as, with my fragile Interweb connectivity, it was a while before I could connect with a government Web site to see what we should do. Just take a quick look at this link and weep when you consider what this must’ve cost. There’s probably close to the price of a new frigate frittered away there.

It’s a grey cold Friday so I’ve dragged a toon out from left field to cheer me up, and hopefully you as well. Me? I love it but feel obliged to warn all Timidadians that there are scenes showing the reckless use of tobacco and even a glimpse of folk in the company of alcohol. I’d better not forget a warning regarding the scenes of gratuitous violence as well. Oh happy daze.


And if that frightened you Timidadians, this should send you into paroxysms of Trumptonation. It’s a blast from the past. probably not the past as you know it but proper old folks past. Put it this way, if you think Tex Ritter is some sort of savoury snack, you’ve not got ‘past’ enough. Enjoy. 


Quote;  Ellen Hopkins.

“Taking no chances means wasting your dreams...”

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