13 Feb 2017

And Then, A Flat Box...

It came to pass I needed to send something via mail that required packing in a box. We were in town so I popped into one of they leading stationary suppliers and located a flat, build it yourself box for three dabs.

Later, while my little nest of vipers was indulging her hobby of seeing how much unrequired stuff she could cram into a basket at a pound store, I chanced to see the self-same flat box for, yup, a pound. Damn!

Anyhoo, have you ever had any dealings with one of these boxes? No? If you ever do, trust me, they’re as much, if not more fun as flat-pack furniture. Yes, there are clear instructions relating to the nip, tuck and folding order but sadly these became cunningly hidden after the first fold of my box. Damn!

I done did get him built and then one more thing became apparent; you need about twenty rolls of sticky tape to prevent it from reverting to flat mode as soon as anything’s placed inside the box. Oh, and do all the addressing while it’s flat or you’ll discover you’ve sticky taped over the address areas and you know how hard it is to write on shiny sticky tape, right? Damn!

It was quite expensive to mail owing to the weight and I put that down to the amount of sticky tape used. Damn!

It’s amazing where you find adventure in old age is it not?

Quote;  Ryan Lilly.

“The irony of sensory deprivation tanks is that in order to think outside the box, you must first go inside one.”

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