23 Dec 2016

And Then, Line Drawn...

So it’s come to pass, as we all expected it would, that the fellow who, according to our media, radicalised that lorry and made it do such terrible things, has been popped. When I first heard that news this morning, you could’ve blown me away with a 9mm.

Seems he left the crime scene at the Christmas market, leaving the lorry to fend for itself, rocked up at the rail station in Berlin, got a ticket{?} and caught a train to Milan. That’s Milan down in Italy by the way. Pretty cool eh? However, when he got off the train at a stop in the sub-rubs of Milan, yup, not even Milano Central, he was approached by a couple of police and subsequently shot dead.

It’s reported that he was shot because he pulled a gun when asked for ID. Why didn’t he just tell them he didn’t have ID with him as he’d had to leave it under the seat of his ride back in Berlin? He may well have been waved on.

Now it looks like airplane hijackings could be making a bit of a comeback. Is that enough jingly festivity for ya?

Quote;  Steve Wright.

“Do you think that when they asked George Washington for ID that he just whipped out a quarter?”

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