13 Nov 2016

And Then An Update...

Early last week I delved into the desktop computer and, as instructed by the good Ripper, did a deep clean and I was, indeed, amazed at the accumulated dirt. I’ve no idea how that lump hammer got in there.

Anyhoo, things were okay but then I suffered yet another mammoth Billy **update. Those never-ending downloads and installations that promise many improvements and refinements. This is Billy-speak for a programmer who rolled up to work the day after the last ‘improvements’, fired-up his test ‘puter, looked at the screen and had one of they ‘Uh-ho. We have a problem’ moments.

After that, things were back to ‘normal’ Windows for me. Lockups and random Billy blue screens. No real big deal, as it only added a couple or three minutes to start-up but, as I said before, being beaten by a brain in a box isn’t, as dumb as I be, acceptable and I really got irritated when errors of a similar type started creeping into the laptop.

Sorry, it gets a tad boring now. The main ‘fault’ on the laptop was a random runtime error notification window. I got this after using Open Live Writer with WordWeb and shutting them down after use. Then I spotted the runtime error bar in the Taskbar had a WordWeb icon in the corner. Why? WordWeb, by the way, is a dickshunry and theseareus bacgrowned runing thingy I uze kwite a lott.

I did a registry sweep and found very few redundancies so I took the bull by it’s dangly bits, uninstalled WordWeb and did another sweep. Man, after uninstalling, the sweeper found a huge number of redundant registry entries.

I repeated the above on the desktop, once he was running  after one freeze and one Billy blue screen, and found WordWeb even had a registry entry relating to the coffee maker. What to do. Uninstall WordWeb or disable the coffee maker? No brainer.

It’s been a few days now and both computers are ticking along just tickety-boo at time of typing.

What was it? Was it that WordWeb and Windows 10 weren’t, for whatever reason, playing well together on my machines? Never mind I do all the usual safety scans, did I manage to collect something nasty along with WordWeb? No idea but wot I’ve done seems to have worked, to date, for me and may give someone out there suffering similar ‘problems’, an investigatory starting point.

If you’re at all interested or, indeed, still here, I replaced WordWeb, a bit o’ kit I really liked and used primarily as a thesaurus, with Artha. No, honest, that’s how it’s spilt. If I get a week without errors, I may reinstall WordWeb to see what happens just to satisfy my curiosity.

**Don’t forget to check your privacy settings after the latest update. For me? Along with a few naughty permissions being switched back on, Speech, inking and typing, Billy-speak for key-logger, had been re-activated. Bad, bad Billy.

Quote;  Jeremy S. Anderson.

“There are two major products that came out of Berkeley:  LSD and UNIX.  We do not believe this to be a coincidence.”

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