5 Nov 2016

And Then A Cure...

Before I start, any Timidadians passing by, DO NOT even glance at the graphic that brings up the rear of this post, okay? DON’T LOOK.

Yet more before I start and this is in relation to those fine judges who’s recent EU ruling may lead to all kinds of kick-off scenarios. Follow this link provided by the good Caratacus. It worked back then and works just as well , if not better, today.

Back to a cure then. A cure for the desktop computer that is. I’ve been wrestling with freezes, Bill’s screens of death and various other random shutdown issues for what, four weeks and more? Well, I’m cautiously happy to report I may have fixed it.

As I’m sure you know, most computers have many options ‘available’ to rectify problems ranging from the pretty simple Stage One option and proceeding, dependant on the problem, in levels of complexity through to an as yet unknown number comprising ridiculous levels of complexity. However, it should be noted that the four pound lump hammer solution is usually utilised well before reaching a big number of complexity.

As I found myself getting no further forward with the problems, other than fixes that proved to be no better than just one normal start-up fixes, I decided to regroup, take the bull by the horns and try Stage One. Yeah, I know.

I found even Stage One to be incredibly difficult as it entailed the removal of one screw, one, the sliding off of a side panel and blasting the interior with a can of compressed air. This action is commonly known as cleaning.

You know what? I was shocked at wot got blown out but not, I’ll wager, as shocked as the spiders who found themselves dislodged by a blast of freezing compressed air and thus, temporarily, homeless. The dirt that came out wasn’t so much dust and grime but more akin to archaeology. This is now day three of what passes for normal start-ups in Windows world and we’ll see what happens over the next several days.

Take care when buying cans of compressed air as the prices vary wildly. I found a can at a pound store which obviously means it was under weight or over light depending on how they weigh air. Top price I saw was a penny short of thirteen pounds – and it wasn’t even hot air...

I ran into the thingy below in the comments relating to a post about some MP who’s quit  because, amongst other dummy spitting things, he doesn’t think we’re doing enough for those geriatric kids over in Couldn’t Calais-less but I just had to have it as it fits so well with past posts relating to those useless ‘progress bars’. It just works on so many levels. How about climate change and Hillary Klingon for starters?


Quote;  John Pierce.

“After growing wildly for years, the field of computing appears to be reaching its infancy.”


Ripper said...

I'm suprised Mac. Normally the processor core temperature limit is entered into the computer's BIOS, and when it reaches that temperature the computer shuts down automatically. Its not meant to crash. A good sign that the temperature is being reached is the processor and case fans going into overdrive and screeching. That marks the time for cleaning, or 'de-lousing' as they call it in the TV repair trade.

If its got that bad, and you haven't removed the processor heatsink and scraped (yes - scraped) out between the heatsink fins then you've only managed to remove a small fraction of the dirt. The fan compacts dust, fluff and hair in between the fins, so the fan becomes ineffective.

You'll also find that the dirt between the fins is greasy, so after the scraping I normally give the heatsink a dose of Elbow Grease, then wash it off in washing up liquid and hot water solution. Then I blow dry it with compressed air before refitting it with fresh heatsink compound. I have a small air compressor which is one of the most versatile tools I ever bought.

A wise move would be to clean out the computer's power supply while you're in there. I remove the PSU, take off the lid and use a 1" paint brush to get in all the nooks and crannies before blowing it out.

If the amount of dirt you got out surprised you, you'll be truly amazed at what's left.

Mac said...

Thank you very big, once again, for taking the time to comment in a most helpful way. I intend to set aside a morning next week and do all you suggest. I did, this AM, suddenly get a black monitor screen informing me there was No Input Signal. Restart - no further problems but possibly more cleaning may be required.
I must say, you sound like my idea of the perfect neighbour. Be thankful you’re not as I may well have knocked a hole in you door by now...

Ripper said...

If you were my neighbour Mac, you would be welcome at my place anytime. I consider myself fortunate to have had good neighbours over the 30 something years I have lived here, but this year has been a sad one for me. My next door neighbour and friend of over 20 years passed away in August of a brain tumour, after celebrating his 44th birthday in June. Last Monday I was called from work in the middle of the night with the news that my sister had passed away, so yes, you would be most welcome as are all my friends, I'm feeling a little alone right now but the comradery at work has been a good distraction.