9 Oct 2016

And Then, Irritants...

Over at Head Rambles there’s piece relating to the almost impossible task of finding good movies for the viewing of on TV. This stirred the mush wot’s my brain and I remembered a pair of posts from before relating, a tad tenuously, to the same subject. Links to those posts can be found at the above link down in the comments but I’ll glue ‘em to the end of this here post as well. That’s if you make it back from Head Rambles of course.

There is, however, another irritant that I’m sure you’ll all be able to relate to. This mainly manifests itself in horror movies but can also be spotted in the occasional thriller and relates to the last scene we never see.

Picture, if you will, a bunch of teens spending time in a remote cabin. That about covers horror movies, right? After night one, one of the kids finds something in the cellar and unleashes all kinds of killer daemons and other assorted nasty thingies that, over the next hour and a half, wipe-out the assembled teens and the odd passing lawman. This despite the best efforts of the hero and his lady. A lady who, despite the repeated warnings from her hero boyfriend to keep quiet, can’t, as soon as things get a tad iffy, stop running around squealing “Ahh – ahh – ahh”.

Eventually, boy does good and evil is defeated and peace descends once more on the remote cabin. As boy comforts Ahh – Ahh girl, police sirens can be heard and flashing lights seen through the trees. Cue credits. The End.

The missing scene? Boy and girl quietly and calmly explaining to the police why - and by what -  the cabin and its immediate environs are littered with the mangled dead bodies of twenty of their best buds. Credits roll as boy hero and Ahh – Ahh girl are cosily tucked-up in nice white, trendily multi buckled and belted, jackets.

I’ll call this link one as it’s the first.
This one will be designated second.
How confusing is that then? This one is second. Oh, you’ll figure it out.

Quote;  Joyce Carol Oates.

“Death is just the last scene of the last act.”

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