27 Oct 2016

And Then A Camp Closure...

It’s reported that the Calais jungle is just about closed down and it seems the refugees that are still hanging on in there  are setting fire to their shelters which seems like a plan.

There’s one little mystery relating to many of these refugees that never seems to be questioned by any of the ace reporters over there.

The charity folk, the luvvies, snowflakes and sundry others are always at great pains to point out that if we didn’t bomb these refugees homelands, they wouldn’t need to run away from their countries so it’s our fault. Not sure I’d run to seek shelter in the very country that’d been bombing me, unless I was part of a fifth column of course, but that’s only common sense and a whole different story.

Anyhoo, the camera then usually cuts to a shot of the camp  that shows many young men of African extraction happily playing footy, riding bicycles or immersed in their smartphones and we’re reliably informed that these fellows are the latest arrivals from Somalia.

That’s one hell of a journey and well done those folk say I, but my question to the snowflakes would be to enquire of them if they could tell me when, exactly, did the UK sneak one of our three remaining bombers down there, under the MSM radar as it were, and drop bombs on some sub-rubs of Mogadishu? 
A quick note for younger readers; Mogadishu’s the capital of Somalia and not a new coffee blend on the menu of your favourite, over-priced, chain of coffee shops.

In other news, did you catch the breathless, fearless TV reporter reporting from the ‘front line’ of the battle for some place called Mouse-hole the other evening? He reported that the bad guys were booby-trapping buildings as they retreated and how very dare they, and that these buildings were being “...mined to explode from the underneath.”  Honest, that’s wot he done did say. On the plus side, I guess we now know why they’re called mines...

Quote;  Lewis Carroll.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

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