14 Oct 2016

And Then Another Weekend...

It’s Friday and I have nothing to say. Even if I had and said it, you wouldn’t know as I’ve just looked round and you’re not here. I could type like I’m doing now, but I have nothing to type and wot little I have, others are typing far and away better than I could.

I can, however, leave you with a great old toon to see y’all out and away for a Friday evening down at your local pub although I appreciate it’s probably an hours bus ride to get to your ‘local’ nowadays.
NOTE; the spell chequer accepted nowadays
. When did that become a word then? Wot? Always wuzz? I’ll be damned.

Okay, haul on your snakeskin shoes and get down to the bus stop so’s to get to your ‘local’ and enjoy last orders.


Quote;  Ernest Hemingway.

“I drink to make other people more interesting.”

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