11 Sep 2016

And Then, On The Understanding...

We awoke to a beautiful day so headed on out for a drive here and there which resulted in finding a few new, to us, villages tucked away in some lovely locations.

We hit the coast just in time for lunch and took sustenance in a little eatery perched atop the cliffs. She had the fresh crab salad and gave it four stars. Not bad considering her star rating peaks at twenty. That’s a joke – the food was more than plentiful and pretty good.

We then swung towards home along the coast road with a couple of stops to run on a couple of deserted beaches. Okay, walk.

The reason for the above is this; prior to departing this AM, I gave Mr Cross the pen a jolly good talking to and told him that he was more than welcome to ride along with us on the proviso that he stayed in his little tray, or whatever it’s called, behaved himself, kept quiet and didn’t start playing any silly games like hide and seek.

I’m delighted to report that Mr Cross behaved impeccably and whenever we left the car, he was always where I’d left him when we got back to move on. In fact, so well did he deport himself that, as a special reward, I let him sit on the dashboard for the drive home.

He had the gammon for lunch by the way.

Quote;  E. B. White

“Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.”

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