30 Aug 2016

And Then, Who’s Next...

I’m writing this early as I’ll be enjoying myself at the dentists later. Please don’t be too jealous; we can’t all have fun all the time.

All I have is a link to give you all pause for thought. It seems  Tommy Robinson was in a pub, with his kids, watching the footy on the TV when those bastions of law enforcement, the police, rolled up and escorted him not only out of the pub but, allegedly, right out of Dodge.

This scary news was, as you would expect, plastered all over the BBC and all the MSM. Oh, wait a minute... Compare and contrast the coverage, or lack thereof, of that incident with the wall-to-wall, on-and-on coverage given to Jerry Carbine for sitting on a train deck. Should you wish, go ahead and rate the two incidents in order of news importance.

One has to wonder at the direction this country is headed and who the hell’s really driving.

Then I went and found this comment, usual apologies to the original author, over at Guido Fawkes and thought I to me and myself, those words work very well indeed. Paragraph two nails it for me.

Colonel Mustarda day ago 
Government is bloated and populated by politicians and civil servants with a corporate mind-set who seem to actually believe they have earned the money they piss around so generously on their pet projects.

There seems to be little humility or sense of responsibility to counter all the emotive virtue signalling, the pandering to minority special interests or the scam of subsidising pressure groups disguised as charities to lobby themselves. There are hundreds of these parasite outfits, all with a zealous cause and a website with 'About Us' on it. All dreaming up ways to spend more money telling us what we can and can't do.

When Government speaks of austerity they mean us, not them, although even that is a con as they continue to waste our money on an epic scale. There is certainly no austerity when it comes to letting half the world move in here to increase the demands on housing, the welfare bill and the NHS, now and in the future. Not one of them has the guts to stand up and say "We can't afford this" and instead they commune in platitudes and congratulate themselves on how generous they are with money which is not theirs, spending it on faddish trivialities, the only importance of which is in their own facile, cowardly, politically correct, pussy-whipped minds.

It's unsustainable but instead of facing up to any kind of reality they resort to inventive accounting and continue to grow their 'product' which is Big Government. They'll cut everything but themselves and their quangos, a giant corporate headquarters of spendthrifts, wasters and loonies who by and large make our lives miserable as they fleece us, ever dreaming up new ways to control us, limit us, interfere in our lives, nag us and regulate us for money. And when they are perpetuating this corporate charade they have the gall to tell us they are in politics to "improve things". For who? That is the question. It certainly isn't for the silent English majority.

Colonel Mustard, I thank you.

Quote;  George Orwell.

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.”

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