14 Aug 2016

And Then Norwegians...

In and out tonight as I just wish to point you to a good, short read over at The Spectator regarding those pesky Norwegians and all the naughty stuff they’ve been getting up to recently. 

The poor old BBC gets a pretty good, some would say much deserved,  hammering down amongst the comments. One day we’ll know the truth of it all. Lets hope it’s not too late by then and when.

A little Steeleye Span to cheer you up this Sunday evening? Great bad to tap your foot to, were they not. That was how many years ago now? You’re joking! Man, I wasn’t even born ye... Oh, right.


Quote;  Dr Seuss.

“How did it get so late so soon?”


Grandad said...

Ah! Steeleye Span! Saw them in concert in Dublin back in the 70s. Brilliant.

Actually, the concert was canceled due to an electrical fault and was rescheduled for an evening I had booked to see Tom Paxton on stage. Went to Steeleye Span and then did a frantic dash across the city just in time for the Tom Paxton concert. That was one hell of an evening.

Mac said...

Ageless music which, of course, it already was when Span and others, electrified it.
A dash to another concert? Oh boy, you’ll enjoy this then;

Grandad said...

Wow but he has aged since! But there again, I suppose we all have?

Mac said...

True. We are all looking decidedly old and battered on the outside but we need to do our best to keep thinking young on the inside.
Not too young though, as I believe uncontrolled dribbling and incontinence comes along automatically anyway with advancing years. So there you go; always something to ‘look forward’ to.