22 Jul 2016

And Then, The Next...

Sadly, it seems the next Summer of Sadness gig in the current European Tour, will soon be announced via social media.

The BBC, on the early news as I type, are stressing this may not be a terror attack at all and may well just be some guy with mental health problems going on a shooting rampage - as they do.

Also, at this early stage, and a tad off message, they’re wheeling out ‘experts’ warning of the risk of that ol’ backlash thingy. A backlash? Against folk with mental health problems? Get a grip BBC.

Meanwhile over on Fox some guy said that what he’s saying will offend the bedwetters and the anti gun lobby, but it was time to learn to fight back as these types of attacks seem to be coming more frequent and, right now, what are you going to do if some guy bursts into your shop brandishing a gun? Throw him a pack of gum and ask him to leave? He has a point.

Quote;  P.G. Wodehouse.

“The fascination of shooting as a sport depends almost wholly on whether you are at the right or wrong end of the gun.”

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