11 May 2016

And Then, Beware...

Yo Dave, how ya doin’? I see your meeting with they royal folk yesterday went down a storm eh?  How cool was that then?
“Testing 1-2-3. This is Dave the Rave to everyone; copy?”
Tell you what Dave, as true as wot you say may be, you really need to up your meds a tad; I’d go for two of the little blue suckers. To be taken before speaking.

Oh boy! Now you’ve gone and got ol’ Liz at it. Is China in the EU? No? No real harm done then, right?

And beware; watch your back buddy. Just like that palace film, there’s another movie out there purporting to show a bunch of backbenchers, a few middle-benchers, a couple of frontbenchers  and a shedload of park-benchers plotting to get you tucked-up out of harms way. It’s sort o’ secret right now so I can’t say too much, but here’s a clue; you like the idea of having all your spongy toys in a rubber romper-room?


Say wot? This song’s been up here before? Possibly, but it works so well right now. On so many levels as they say.

Quote;  Langston Hughes.

“Looks like what drives me crazy
Don't have no effect on you-
But I'm gonna keep on at it
Till it drives you crazy, too.”

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