2 Apr 2016

And Then, So Much Hurt...

In view of the recent revelations relating to ‘safe spaces’ for students and others, I just couldn’t resist loaning the below poster from Orphans of Liberty. Says it all does it not?


As documented elsewhere, it seems these timid folk are even traumatized and reduced to tears by chalk as some very bad parson chalked the word ‘Trump’ on some stone stairs. These precious little things should consider themselves lucky.

In my day we were also worried about chalk. Difference being the teachers back then had the uncanny ability to sense ‘bad’ behaviour while writing on the blackboard and the spooky ability to turn and fire-off the stick of chalk and hit the miscreant between the eyes or in the ear, dependant on the facial orientation of the target, with unnerving accuracy. And soreness.

This was bad enough but if naughtiness was sensed while the masters were cleaning the board, they were as deadly accurate with the board cleaner; and I don’t mean those little sponge thingies, I’ talkin’ those solid wooden-backed jobbies. Now that did grab your attention. And a headache.


Looks like a block of wood, right? Trust me, on contact, with your swede traveling at speed, it felt like an iron ingot. 

All this resulted in many naughty boys practicing the art of ventriloquism so as to throw their voice so the fat kid at the back copped for all the missiles. The knock-on from this resulted with, at end of term, the fat kid at the back having a face resembling the lumpy side of the moon.

Safe space? Counselling? Give me strength.

Quote;  Tom Bodett.

“The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.”

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