6 Apr 2016

And Then A Possible Pause...

Just to let you know that I may be unavailable for typing here for a couple or three days as I’ll be otherwise engaged taking part in some fencing. Pardon? Heavens above, no. Me, with a long pointy stick, fighting someone else with an equally long pointy stick, both wearing flour sieves on our heads? Short answer? No thanks.

I’ll be renewing a goodly length of wooden fencing. I just hope I have as much fun as I had when I did the opposite side, a little bit after a while ago, when I discovered maths don’t work. Further to that, you may enjoy this old maths joke I’ve mentioned before, given a tad of animation here. Not by me I hasten to add.

Needless to say, maths won’t be used during this forthcoming adventure. However, a screwdriver, which will no doubt soon be discarded, and a lump hammer, everyone’s multi-tool of choice, will be front and centre. Also worthy of note is the fact that very little tin will be used so Savage Javid can relax in India. The little tin to be used will be in the form of nails and screws; screws are, of course, just curly nails which offer up a tad more resistance to hammer-blows than their smooth cousins.

Quote;  Mickey Mouse.

“Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes."

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