15 Apr 2016

And Then, No Rest...

Well, after saying I’m limiting my ‘project’ work I woke to a plumbing disaster. I use the word ‘disaster’ for effect. I actually discovered a small leak from one of they flexible braded hose extension connectors.

Actually, an easy job  which just needed a new hose one of which I had secreted about the voluminous mountains of stuff in a draw in the shed.

Okay, remove the old hose, easy, and the fitting of the new would’ve been just as easy but I was presented with that old different hose terminations conundrum. It’d work if I only wanted to rig the hose in a loop but that wouldn’t serve for wot I wanted. The new hose would’ve been usable if I’d had a **15mm male fitting to fit a 15mm female fitting. If I’d had a 15mm female fitting. These two fittings, spookily, where the two types and size of fittings missing from the mountains of stuff draw which is also home to essential plumbing fittings.

A trip to the plumbing store later and the leak be no more. Well done me, I say and I feel deserving of a break.
”What’s that girl? What’s fallen down in the kitchen?”

In other news, and I’m probably late with this, but with that voting thingy soon to be upon us, are you aware of this site?
As it says, ‘Quick, clickable Brexit facts for normal, busy people from credible, official sources.’

Following on from that, and as Backfoot O’Barmy’s heading our way to tell us how to vote, thanks buddy but I can figure that out for myself, is there anything out there of this ilk relating to the place where wot we live?


Quote;  ??**

If we had ham, we could have ham and eggs, if we had eggs.

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