26 Mar 2016

And Then, Some Software...

While I was looking round the Web-a-Net the other day, I came across this bit of information that may be of interest to  those of you out there who enjoy photography and missed it.

Seems there’s a be a bit o’ kit for editing digital photos. On reflection, possibly enhancing rather than editing. On reflection, aren’t editing and enhancing pretty much the same thing?

Anyhoo, where am I? Whoa!! Still on the sofa! Right, seems this software was originally available for a modest $500. It was then acquired by Google who sold it for a yet more modest $150. However, it seems Google have now made it available for the unbeatably modest price of free. Have I tried it? No. What I’ve got serves for my now minimum requirements, it’s just when I saw $500 ending up as free, I felt it my duty to let you know.

Don’t be alarmed by the bit wot says ‘free for fifteen days’; click on the ‘learn more’ bit right at the top for the confirmation that it’s completely free. Keen photographer? Worth a try? If you think so, you can check it out at the link below;


It do say they be plug-in lookin’ thingies for other editing software but I did read somewhere that these plug-ins will work ‘free standing’ as it were. This seems to be confirmed at this place where you can glean a little more information;


Hope some of you find this free stuff useable and useful.

Quote;  Abraham Lincoln.

“There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes.”


Grandad said...

Meh! Download for Windows or Mac. Luddites!

I'll stick with Gimp, thanks. Free for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Mac said...

For Windows and Mac; sadly, this is true.
I've been 'stuck' with Windows since my day one with computers and the move now, as much as I may like the idea, feels, possibly wrongly, like a step too far after all this time.
I have an old steam-powered laptop tucked away somewhere running Vista. It's so old it'll take those CD thingies. I do believe I'll nuke the hard drive and install Linux
as a stormy day is forecast for Sunday and you've given me the kicking to try so I'll dig the old guy out and have a go.

Grandad said...

Heh! If you decide to take the plunge, try Linux Mint Cinnamon. It's the one I use and is a lot easier to install than Windows!

If you burn the file to disk, you can actually run it from the disk so ou can try it for size before installing.

Mac said...

Thanks for that. Surprisingly, the weather forecasters got it wrong - again - and the sun is shining bright so a little spring garden work is being done but Mint Cinnamon it will be over the next few days. Thanks again.