13 Mar 2016

And Then I’m Curious...

‘He’s curious about what’ I hear you think. Actually, I don’t; and if I could hear what you’re thinking, that’d be really scary. But I wouldn’t tell you.

I’ll tell you what I’m curious about, having used my fingertips and keyboard needlessly on the above. For the past, what, week? We’ve been bombarded with Dave Come-undone whizzing round the country making speeches in factories and warehouses and such, all heavily reported by the MSM, striking fear into the hearts and minds of his audiences. All done in that annoying jacket off, sleeves rolled up, hard working man of the people act that only fools, sadly, the majority of those attending these meetings.

Where, I’m curious to know, is one of the heavy-hitters from the Leave camp? Okay, their comments on Dave’s speech gets
grudging mention round about page six but what I mean is this; is it beyond the Leave folk’s whit to discover where Mr Come-undone will be speaking and arrange for the same platform to speak at the same or similar venue in the same town, the very next day to put the opposing argument and to pick to pieces the scary points made by Mr Come-undone the day before? Make sure the MSM roll up in force by offering free nose-bag. Nobody turns down a free lunch.

There are many good Leave Blogs out there but they’re all talking to the converted, right? So who’s talking ‘Leave’, and why it won’t hurt, to the Easyjet generation of voters or the ordinary folk on the Clapham omnibus?

Some time ago, an intrepid TV ‘reporter’ took to the streets and asked a ‘cross section’ of EasyJet voters what they thought of the EU and the upcoming vote. Depressingly, but not surprisingly, two young folk answered that they thought we should join and when informed that we already had, quite some time before they were born, just giggled and walked on. And that leads to the last paragraph.

I’m sure that Dave is saving his coup de grâce to the Leave campaign for a couple of days before voting time when he will announce, in a sombre tone emanating from a hang-dog face, that if the Leave vote wins he’s been reliably informed that, sadly, no future new models of the iPhone will ever be available, or allowed into the UK again. Job done. End of.

Quote;  Charles De Gaulle.

“Since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his word.”

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