23 Nov 2015

And Then A Thought….

I believe some guy will make an Autumn Statement on Wednesday. How does that go then?
"Honourable members, peoples of the United Kingdom; It's Autumn!"
"Yea, yea, yea."

Apparently not. It's something to do with our money and with this in mind, here's a cunning plan for George Osborne-Yesterday in regards to the whopping two billion{?} and counting, that the NHS needs just to tread water.

George – can I call you George? No? Sorry. Okay, Mr Osborne-Yesterday, you know that twelve billion pounds you slip off every year to 'help' folk in far away lands? Huge chunk o' change is it not? Why not cut that to eight and give four to the NHS? Say what now? Foreign aid is ring-fenced? Cool, but think it through. Yea, I know, it's that ol' 'think' thingy again, but try.

The NHS is spending huge amounts of their recourses treating people here who are from the very lands you're sending aid money to so what's the difference ol' buddy? Send it there for them to help their people, a somewhat dubious concept, or give it to the NHS to use helping their people that are here? The NHS treats a huge number of foreign folk, a number wot gets ever huger by the year, so the 'extra' money will still be a form of foreign aid, right? And how cool and companionate would that look? It's also possible that, as a bonus, a little of all that extra kelly, after the obvious NHS executive and management pay rises they'll award themselves with when presented with  buckets of extra money, would filter down and help some of the sick locals as well. Never try – never know. Pardon? Nevermind.

I would imagine, as this idea just involves taking this amount from that amount, keeping this amount here and sending that amount there, and thus lacks the convoluted complexities so beloved of governments, it's a none-starter.

Finally, for some light relief, please click this link for a time-laps bike ride with a very pleasant soundtrack which was kindly pointed my way by the good Ripper who's in there somewhere. Remember London to Brighton in Four Minutes? Man, how long ago was that?

With regards to my musical likes, I enjoy anything I find I like. Or, to put it another way, I find I like anything I enjoy. I guess this is the track I turn to on those rare occasions I feel a little blue. Great song and if those folk can do what they do then, for sure, I can get off my sorry ass and stop sulking…

Quote;  Jim Bishop.

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”


Ripper said...

Yes I do remember the London to Brighton video. Things like that tend to have a mesmerizing effect on me when all you see is road or track being eaten up. Here's my version, though a bit more adrenalin inspiring than the train, and its not time lapse. I managed to get time off work to get there in 2008 - it was disguised as my honeymoon! I have ambitions to go back whenever I can.


I loved the laid back and calming effect of the circus track. Really pleasant to listen to.

Mac said...

That’s a good video but I couldn’t read any of the road signs...
When you’re just sat sitting clicking on stuff on-line, ear buds in, try some of the stuff on my jukebox down left the way under Stuff You May Like. Who knows? You may find some stuff you may like...
For me? All of ‘em. Tops? Possibly those below; they just don't get 'old'. In no particular order, but the first two for when I’m ‘working’ on Mr Laptop of an evening... Enjoy.
Deep Cafe
Lily Was Here
Mr Shane
Closing Time
The End of the Line
Mummers Dance
Hell Broke Luce
Oh, mustn’t forget An Irish Party to lift the spirits. Or should that be to accompany the lifting of spirits?