25 Nov 2015

And Then A Change….

With a tip of the crown-topper to A Tangled Web for this gem;

"Here’s the Belgium Health Minister, the wildly popular Maggie De Block,  who is leading the war on obesity."

It's heartening to see a government person, although not one of ours, who's not banging on about how bad for everyone everything is, as, going by the picture, one assumes her 'war on obesity' is to actively encourage and promote said obesity. Consumerism is king, right? Do supermarkets and tax happy governments really want everyone to suddenly go on lentil and tofu diets? Of course not. More and better obesity is wot 'we' need!


Anyhoo, if I've got it the right way round I'm on her side and will continue devouring all and everything placed in front of me and I wish her luck with all her endeavours for the promotion of obesity. Have at it girl.

Quote;  John Swartzwelder.

“I'm 190 pounds of rock hard muscle, underneath 40 pounds of sturdy protective fat.”

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