25 Oct 2015

And Then A Run Out….

On the road between where we be domicile and the town wot we visit quite frequently, there's only one large village with a thirty MPH limit. Everyone, who uses this road with any frequency, knows to get it down to thirty as it's a favourite speed camera van hang-out. Dead handy for them as they can park-up in front of the village pub…

Other than that it's a stretch of fifty MPH, a goodly dose of zoom dual carriage way and all the rest, other than the village, is sixty.

About a mile outside the village, going that way so as to be leaving the village, or if coming the other way, just before the village, there's a shallow bend that's constructed over a small stream. About a year ago they did that strengthening thingy to take into account the fact we've moved on from horse-drawn transport.

While this work went on triangular signs were placed before the curve stating a maximum speed of forty MPH. Acceptable, I guess, considering guys were working below, on, in and around the curve.

Sadly, once work was completed the forty MPH signs weren't collected. Even sadder, while work was in progress, all clear signs weren't put in place after the curve. No big deal, just give it a little thought, apply a dose of common sense, note a similar triangle with its message pointing at the traffic coming at you as you exit the curve and have at it with foot on peddle.

However, sadly to the power of three, if you're lucky enough to be back a little from the front of the proceeding traffic, and the guy at the front obeys all the rules without question, eyes wide front, you're doomed to spend the last fifteen miles of the trip doing forty as this is a busy bit of a bendy road with little to no chance of a clean overtake.

The goofy thing is, everything joyously speeds up again when we hit the fifty sign, for bringing traffic down from sixty, just before the point of destination.

If I ever get to that bend on a quiet day, those signs are toast.

Quote;  Rachel Caine.

“See?" he said, with an unholy amount of glee. "I hardly broke any laws at all. I should drive more often."
"No. Trust me, you shouldn't," Eve said. "Think of all the little old people and the children.”

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