7 Oct 2015

And Then Of 'News' And Conferences….

Where to start? Let's start with the baby 'c' conservative party annual get together and talk to each other gathering.

Seems the young Chancer of the Exchequer made a bunch of 'pledges' that, according to the MSM, have been lifted right out of some Labour guys playbook.

Then we had Theresa The Teaser May, her wot has 'control' over who comes here, making a speech right out of the Nigel Mirage playbook. Who knows what's going on here. It's a funny old country is it not?

Then there was this bit from the Daily Telegraph typed by, one would assume, a very well educated journalist on a not too shabby salary. One can also assume this piece was proof-read by some sort of boss type editor on a yet bigger salary which makes it even sadder as it's obvious, despite their wondrous educations and salaries, neither have  any comprehension of the amount of water required to go wading as opposed to the little water needed for a mere paddle. Also, and journalists should be on this like white on rice, we are left not knowing who was responsible for 'forcing' these poor unfortunate folk to go 'wading' in three or so inches of water. Did some shadowy government department go round banging on peoples doors and demanding, using who knows what sort of threats, that they get outside and walk about in the rain? Come on journalists, we need to know so we can be prepared in case it rains where we live.

Torrential rain has caused flash floods in Yorkshire, with people forced to wade through ankle-deep water in some parts.

To add to this the news hound also states a game of football had to be abandoned as the ball wasn't “rolling or bouncing correctly”. Right. At least responsibility for that bit was hidden in quotes. A game of football with the teams wearing waders so's to get about in an ankle-deep flash flood chasing an incorrectly rolling and bouncing ball would make a refreshing change from the usual modern day humdrum kick-about.

Am I just becoming a sad, picky old man who needs to get a hobby? Something like collecting stainless-steel colanders?

Quote;  Jarod Kintz.

“I love it when the streets near my house get flooded, because it’s the only time I can go out and walk my fish.”

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