31 Oct 2015

And Then A Flyer….

So what's been happening in the news over the past couple of days? Well, which is the politically correct word to use when answering a question, I see that nice picturesque Camilla Batmanbojangles has hit the headlines relating to the dizzying amounts of kelly that seems to have gone 'missing'. If you check the good lady out, do you get the impression that much of that money  may well be secrete about the voluminous folds of her outer garments?

Then we had that acting chappie, Benedict Cabbagepatch, Haranguing his audience regarding what he sees as the governments 'poor' show relating to the on-going refugee party. They're both obviously nuts but both, annoyingly, have also acquired great wealth – one way or the other. 

We also learned from the BBC, through their barely contained sobs of relief and joy, that some fellow going by the unlikely name of Shaky Army, initially reported as being a British citizen but now amended to him just being a British resident, is finally back 'home' so sometime soon expect suing to ensue.

Enough already; yesterday I got proper postman type mail as I was in receipt of a small, glossy, multi-page missive from the NHS. I was lucky enough to receive this as I am, as they had indeed rightly assumed, over sixty-five.

What was it all about? It was just a hard copy of the TV advert the NHS is currently running aimed at folk over sixty-five. Long story short it's to let me know that winter's coming and winter can bring cold weather so I should keep warm, keep food in the house and such like that. I wonder, does everyone sixty-five and over get a brochure? Even if they are all at the same address?

I may have typed before that anyone in this age area grew up in an time before central heating, double glazing and loft insulation and, even less comprehensible to the younger boys an' girls, smartphones, and it was the norm to wake of a winters morning and find ice on the bedroom window. Inside the window I'm talkin' about, so the need to remind us to do our best to keep warm is somewhat surplus to requirements. As are their summertime reminders to keep cool and drink water when it's hot.

Who pays for these campaigns? The NHS? Would that be the same NHS that's already blown the budget? The same NHS that cancels admissions and operations as a result of lack of funding? Whatever, I'm sure it can be safely assumed that the funding originated in the tax payers pocket thus all us tax paying sixty-fivers and up have helped fund the delivery of information we've always had. How cool is that then? Any chance they could get a grownup into an NHS management position?

Quote;  William Feather.

“A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it.”


Caratacus said...

I well remember Christmases at my aunt's house in Essex. No central heating, no double glazing, ice on the insides of the windows etc. as you have mentioned; sent to bed in our thin pyjamas, curling into a foetal ball under sheet and blankets in the sub-zero bed that was so cold it was actually painful. Gradually we would warm up a bit and extend a cautious toe into fresh territory ... only to snatch it back with a stifled gasp. In the morning, of course, we were as warm as toast and most reluctant to emerge. In that respect, at least, my childhood remains with me.

Mac said...

Wasn't it grand?
I'll post a little more tonight.

Ripper said...

You had a bed?? Luxury!! I had to sleep under a rolled up newspaper in the middle of the motorway...

Mac said...

I sat up and begged for that one did I not? In much the same way I had to beg for scraps from the meal table.
I'm sure you know this old one;
I used to lick the electric whisk beaters after my mum had mixed a cake. I always knew when she was in a good mood as she'd turn off the whisk first.