12 Sep 2015

And Then A Pair Of Comments….

First up, remember I reported that no Windows 10 preinstalled Applications, nor the Windows App Store would run and it was starting to irritate me into clicking on stuff that should never be clicked on? Today I did a safe click on an App to check if all was as I left it; not working. Guess wot? Everything now runs. How, like, totally awesome is that then? I'm so excited that, at last, I can use Snapfish to… Er… to… Okay, it just remains for me to delete the majority of that App lookin' stuff now I know that whatever was amiss is back and is no longer amissing.

One theory out there is that the uptake of Windows 10, voluntarily or otherwise, has been so huge that the Windows Store servers became overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with happiness, sadness or stress was not made clear. Just thought that bit might interest you. What? Yeah, I know.

The weather has been jolly nice where I be so we've been taking advantage and popping off here and there. More there than here. However, the wind and rain be back big time so, here I be sadly, with nothing to type. Oh, other than this comment, copied over from Guido Fawkes. I'm not a hundred percent sure but I'm guessing the commenters name is probably one of they nom-de-plump thingies. Or is it a soodunim? Or is that the same idea? {Did I spell that wright?}
It may not be quite so funny now Jerry Corblimy's in charge of the Getting Left Behind party with Tom Whatsit as his best buddy. Wait a minute! Tom and Jerry? Is that all folks?

David Cameron •

Jeremy's response is instant:

Max, a Vaadnik (union head) is addressing a union meeting at a certain unnamed Israeli government-owned company.
"Comrades - Haverim. We have agreed on a new deal with the management. We will no longer work five days a week."
"Hooray!", goes the crowd.
"We will finish work at 3 PM, not 4 PM."
"Hooray!", goes the crowd, again.
"We will start work at 9 AM, not 7 AM."
"We have a 150% pay rise."
"We will only work on Wednesdays."
Silence… then a voice from the back asks, "Every Wednesday?"

See it here. And if you page down through the comment area, you'll arrive at a photo comment from Anus Homo – possibly another soodunim ya thunk? – purporting to be photos of a  German train that's recently been 'enriched' by a bunch of fellows looking for a 'better life'. Seems like it's all working out rather well so far does it not?

Quote;  Ambrose Bierce.

“AMNESTY, n. The state's magnanimity to those offenders whom it would be too expensive to punish.”

             Max Frisch.

“We asked for workers. We got people instead.”

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