1 Aug 2015

And Then An Image Search….

Please give me a little while longer for the Vietnamese Dong post. As for my review of Windows 10, it seems I'm the complete opposite of a VIP.

Today, having nothing to do, and I really don't have a problem with that, I decided to lop the top dead limbs of a very old apple tree. The job went quite well but, sadly, the cut branches fell to ground and totally wiped out another three of my little nest of vipers favourite plants.

What to do? I, of course, offered to buy her replacements for said dead flowers. As neither of us had a clue what they may be called, we had a problem.

The web-a-net seems the place to start so that is where I started. Search 'UK garden plants' and clicked on 'images'. She did much scrolling through pages of results and much time passed. Sadly, none of the resulting images looking anything like the deceased plants.

About this time I thought how, like, awesome it'd be if you could paste an image in the search bar. Guess what - and I'm guessing most of you already know so don't need to guess at all, but, for me, guess what? You can! In Firefox anyway. How utterly brilliant is that then?

I found a photo of that bit of earth, fortunately featuring the three plants alive and flowering, cropped them to three separate pictures, went to Google search, or go here; https://images.google.com
and at the top, clicked on 'images'. This simple action put a camera icon on the search bar. Click on that and you get the choice of that URL pasting thingy or to upload an image.

You know what? Three times resulted in three almost instant successes. I'm impressed. I'm also a tad sad I thought of that, what, twenty years behind some guy who was probably, at the time, thinking how cool it'd be if you could search by image. The thing is, he or her made it happen. It's so sad to be so far behind the curve is it not Mr Cummerbund?

I'll definitely be using this facility tomorrow to settle a long standing family argument relating to an antique mantle clock. Was it really, as the legend inscribed inside the little door at the back where you put the batteries,made in Birmingham in 1985, or is that, as I suspect, a forgery and the clock is indeed a fine example of an early eighteenth century French mantle clock. We shall see. Exciting is it?

This page will give anyone who wasn't aware of this trick a better guide than my jumble of loosely connected words;

Quote;  Bill Maher

“The problem is that the people with the most ridiculous ideas are always the people who are most certain of them."

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