17 Aug 2015

And Then Good Instructions….

We went out of town today and, briefly, found ourselves browsing round one of they big DIY outlets; as you do on a day out.

On completion of browsing mode, wallet unopened and realising we had a bit of a drive ahead, we took advantage of the big DIY outlets toilet facilities and I have to say out loud how impressed I was with the excellent instructions posted above every urinal. Well done that store and the World Health Organisation for going to such great lengths and expense in putting these detailed instructions together. Wonderful job guys an' gals!! One can't help but wonder in wonderment wot your next major project may be.

Seriously, they're all taking the p**s, right? There are people out there wot need instructions as to how to wash their hands?


And what's with this, as far as I can see, fairly recent obsessive need for everyone to wash their hands after taking a leak? Are everyone's bits really that dirty that they need to scrub their hands after every brief encounter with their bits?

Remember the old story relating to a combined armed forces senior officers dinner? At some point an admiral and a colonel were using adjoining urinals. Upon completion of his bodily function, the admiral zipped up and proceeded out the door and back to his table. Moments later the colonel returned and took his seat next to the admiral. Leaning in close, the colonel said to the admiral, "You know old boy, in the army we're taught to wash our hands after taking a p**s."
"You know old boy", replied the admiral, "in the navy we're taught not to p**s on our hands."

Quote;  Jarod Kintz.

“After I go to the bathroom, I leave my hands wet as proof I washed them.”


A K Haart said...

I see the first instruction is "Wet hands with water". I wonder how many get that one wrong while reading the notice.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
To add to the confusion, these instructions were posted over the urinals not the wash basins.
Every morning I awake thinking things can't possibly get any sadder. Throughout every day I find they can.