5 May 2015

And Then, The Home Curve….

Well, and you'll note from that first word that I'm now a well rounded political pundit, well rounded anyway, we're into the home curve of this election thing wot's been trotting along for months now.

I trust you've all decided who and and for which party you'll be voting for? Yeah, I know. As I said above, it's the home curve and I know it should be home straight but why be straight with them? Have any of 'em been straight with us? Let's just vote for the gang who seem to have told the least lies, or the almost believable lies, or the most outlandish lies. That seems to be our choice.

You have to admire young Milliboy for getting his 'promises' carved in stone although, on even the quickest of reads, the amount of wriggle room in the carving is a truly wonderful tribute to the stone masons skills. Never mind; it's right up there with Dave's old 'no ifs; no buts'. The little scallywag.

Over the past forever, we've been treated to the party leaders giving speeches, accompanied by much thumb wiggling, to the party faithful. You have to wonder what the point of that is. Boys, they're already going to vote for your party! Go talk to the 'enemy' and attempt to convert them. That's the name of the game.

If I was a party leader, heaven forbid, I'd get together a presentation and hold meetings with the opposition parties activists, and if it was the Greens I was going to talk to, there'd need to be lots of cartoons, and present them with undisputable facts and genuine figures to show how much had been wasted and all the promises that had been broken while they'd been in power. I'd follow this with a fool-proof presentation to show why their new plans wouldn't work either. All followed by fact based reasons and figures to show that my plans would work. How hard would that be? All it needs is a little honesty on the part of the leaders. Oh. That's the problem right there.

By the way, do you think there's any chance the TV channels will be covering the election results through Thursday night and Friday? And all the way up to Christmas? You do? Well, I stand well back in amazement.

Quote;  Tom Stoppard.

"It's not the voting that's democracy; it's the counting."

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