17 Jan 2015

And Then, Food For Thought….

Andy, 'Eye Liner' Burnham has some healthy plans for us if he gets his hands back on those power levers.

He and his party will target high-strength alcohol and bring in plain packaging of cigarettes straight away. He/they will also limit the amount of salt, sugar and fat in foods and promote physical activity. {Will this be in the form of compulsory neighbourhood morning exercise sessions?} 
All of this is to improve our health and improve life expectancy.

However, over the past few months we've been continually told that the health service is approaching meltdown. The reason? They're full. Not, surprisingly, treating the immigrant elephant who must not be named, but rather those pesky old folk who just keep on living longer and longer.

This is the older generation that grew up in freezing bedrooms, coal-smoke filled living rooms, smog bound streets, at a time when cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking was accepted any and everywhere by pretty much everyone, drinking was a 'get it necked quick' sport to arrive at that happy state  before the pubs shut, and a healthy diet, owing to monetary and availability constraints, consisted of all the sugary, salty and fatty food you could get your mouth round. And here we all are, after that supposedly un-healthy early life, still cluttering up the place and refusing to die.

Think about that for a few minutes then think again about what Andy, 'Eye Liner' Burnham wants to do to make future generations healthier and live longer. Yup, he wants to ban everything that this older generation lived quite happily with and thought nothing of it and refuse to die.

We have to assume Andy, 'Eye Liner' Burnham isn't as stupid as we may think he is which only leaves one possible reason for the ban it all bit. It's actually a cunning plan to, over a couple or three generations, get life expectancy back down around the sixty to sixty-five year mark. You see the savings? Pensions an' other stuff?

So possibly the grand plan is plain pack smokes so's they're easy to fake so's people could be smoking heavens knows what. Meanwhile, the brother of the guy faking fags is knocking out ten bottles of hooch doctored from one legit bottle. "A little more anti-freeze anyone?" And for good measure, let's work towards a total ban on salt, sugar and fat – three essentials for a healthy life, and as our bodies get ever weaker, exercise us to death.

Quote;  Johnny Carson.

"I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself."

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