28 Dec 2014

And Then Some Sounds….

Hope you all had a jolly good Christmas. My surprise gift of an ironing board worked far better than even I expected as one of the knock-on effects has been total quiet and peace in the house since Christmas morning when she excitedly unwrapped the gift.

With the New Year heading our way, here are a couple or three musical interludes from way back. No, not that way back, this way, okay? I’m betting these stir happy memories for a bunch of you. As, indeed, they do for me.

First up let’s enjoy the Jamaicans with possibly the first use of the phrase Ba-Ba-Boom. Bass that sound system! Cool.
We’ll follow that with, oh I don’t know, how about Malcolm McLaren Jive My baby? Don’t touch that bass!! 

What?? You didn’t like that?? I honestly don’t believe you but may I suggest you duck for the oyster? You’re smiling now, right? Oh boy. How about a little  Malcolm ‘Mellow’ McLaren then.  And you must have a heart of stone not to like that. To the best of my limited knowledge being happy and smiling is not yet illegal.  Not yet.  You can find the full ‘Duck Rock’ here. Oh those happy daze…..

Quote;  Ian Anderson.

“A lot of pop music is about stealing pocket money from children.”

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