15 Sep 2014

And Then Another Day Away….

I very nice day out to Whitby today.

We sedately meandered through the old town and later wandered across the harbour bridge, past the Polish accordion band, to amble through the new part of town which isn’t much newer than the old bit really.

Every time we visit Whitby I’m always struck by the number of fifty plus year olds there are who, it would appear, are still living the hippy ‘dream’. What is it about Whitby that attracts these fine old people? There does seem to be a plethora of organic food shops and new age stores but which came first?

It’s also good to know, upon browsing these shops, to see that there’s still a huge back catalogue of Andean pan pipe music, Indian chanting and plaintive whale and dolphin calling tracks still available. I spotted a CD I hadn’t seen before which stated on the lid it was an hours worth of the sounds of the forest during a rain storm. There’s GOT to be more to it than that, right?

Hay, they old hippies appear happy; we’re happy so what the hay?

The day was  made doubly nice with a lovely lunch of fresh crab salad. Fresh? You know instinctively when salad isn’t fresh don’t you? I’ll know better about the crab come tomorrow.

Much to the embarrassment of my little nest of vipers, I had chips with my fresh crab salad. Sadly, an otherwise excellent meal was somewhat marred by the fact I was forbidden from asking for a portion of deep fried onion rings on the side.

Below is a nice picture of Whitby;


What? You thought I meant an actual picture of the town? Got ya. Try these then. 

Quote;  Abe Lemons.

“The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.”


The Filthy Engineer said...

I was there last week. Curious little town.

Mac said...

Curious it is but always an enjoyable visit. Once the car's parked.....