20 Jul 2014

And Then, No Advice….

Having survived the recent searing heat, close to 23C at times round here, imagine my alarm to learn on the BBC ‘news’ the weather person announce that thunderstorms were possible so, “Be prepared in case you’re caught in one.” Now this was most alarming as we were planning on going out but there was absolutely no follow-up help or advice regarding how or what to do to be prepared for getting caught in a thunderstorm! How remiss of them is that then?

Oh my. What to do!! What to do? We stayed home; cuddled, cowering in the cupboard under the stairs is wot we did.

Pardon? Hay, we’re not stupid! Of course we had sun-block max on. Hats? Of course. But that’s only common sense, right? Water? We did without water to ensure a plentiful reserve of sun-block and that took up all the spare space.

In due course a storm did indeed arrive at our location and, hunkered down as we were in the cupboard, I was quietly confident we’d huddle-out the ‘storm’ in relative  safety. Eventually, however, and against my better judgment, I gave in to my little nest of vipers perpetual pleading to leave our safe environs to go and watch the storm.

Suitably attired in loose clothing, the air still being warm an’ all, wearing our floppy hats and with a further liberal coating of sun-block smeared on our faces and hands, we put up our steel framed umbrellas  and  found a relatively sheltered position under the big sycamore tree to watch the lightning.

That’s the sycamore tree next to that funky, jazzy sounding little wishing well.  {If you do play the link, it could well be bouncing round your head for the rest of the evening. It may even follow you to work tomorrow.}

By the way, for those of you marvelling at my stupidity regards watching the lightning, please relax. Part of it was just a bit of fun. You really think I’d waste good sun-block just to go outside in the rain to watch lightning?

Just before this posts final full-stop, you may enjoy this piece from Mr Owen Paterson.

Quote;  Joseph Addison.

“Mirth is like a flash of lightning that breaks through a gloom of clouds and glitters for a moment.”


Ripper said...

Well Mac, it looks like that BBC report was meant for the good people of North Staffs..


Mac said...

Great pictures; and I wouldn’t want to be watching that lot from under a tree! I’d leave her to it and get indoors. Only kidding....