3 May 2014

And Then A Pretend Eight Years….

Before I begin, although the more astute amongst you will have noticed I’ve already begun, I was listening to the news, with little interest and no understanding of the judicial process, and noted that some supposedly well-known ageing guy’s been found guilty of being naughty and the judge sentenced him to eight years. So far, so what?

Then the Judge stated that the guy will serve “….at least four years.” The question I asked the TV, which declined to respond, was, if the guy’s not going to be put away for eight years why not just sentence him to four years without the possibility of parole?  I mean, how silly is this?  ”I hereby sentence you to eight years… Hay! Wipe that smug look off your face right now ‘couse you’re going away for at least four of ‘em, okay? Not so funny now is it old man?”

Sentences like this must be a nightmare for prison bookings clerks as it means the prison now has a firm room booking for four years but has to keep a  room provisionally booked for a further four years.  Is this why you can occasionally get bargain sentences so’s the prisons can keep ticking over at a hundred percent occupancy thus alleviating the need to lay-off staff at quiet times and out of season?

As for ol’ whitey, in the guise of Jeremy Clarkson, well he should be publically flogged to within an inch of his life for “….something I hadn't said in a sequence that wasn't shown."  Ah shacks ma heed. Is absolutely everything descending into the valley of the clowns now? Can I quote a passage from an earlier post?

May I humbly suggest to those flip-flop folk that they take a holiday anywhere well south, southeast or southwest of Dover, befriend a local to clue them in to some of the local expressions used jokingly and derogatorily when they see ol’ whitey, then sit at a street cafe and check how often they pick up on those expressions as opposed to the number of times they hear, “Oh, look, a nice white couple; we should invite them round ours for tofu tonight.”

Back at the top I typed, ‘Before I begin…’. This would seem to suggest that I kicked off with a post idea other that wot’s above. The memory of this is now, sadly, gone. I’ll check my recycle bin later. If I remember.

Oh, before I forget, get over to the good Captain’s place. Thanks.

Quote;  Steven Wright.

“Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.”

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