26 Dec 2013

And Then The Gifts….

Yesterday morning, full of excitement, it was time to open our gifts to each other.

My trembling fingers finally made it through the wrapping paper, which seems to get more like thin tin every year, and Sellotape  to reveal the contents. I’m delighted to announce it was exactly what I wanted. Exactly what I’d mentioned to her indoors I’d like for Christmas and for which I’d transferred money from my wallet to her pocket earlier in the month to facilitate the purchase thereof.

Upon opening her gift, from me to her, she was equally delighted to see that what she had indicated she’d like was what was inside and thus she got exactly wot she wanted. You’ll understand that a reverse transference of funds did not take place to enable this purchase. To be honest, it’s not exactly what she wanted as in ‘exactly’. It’s a cheaper, no-name knock-off. Cheap but very cheerful. {There may be trouble ahead.}

I picked up this music{?} on the radio this morning and have never heard it before. I did momentarily think it was the Pogues and was a little nonplused to learn it’s Bob Dylan. If you’re a Bob fan you may want to look away now…. I’ll give you a clue; the comments run from… Bob Dylan, Christmas music, Polka what more could you want. A man jumping out a window well we have that too. ….to a slightly more critically balanced, This is the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. Really, Bob Dylan?

Bob Dylan – It Must Be Santa   Hay, I tried to warn you, okay? And it’s had close to two and a half million hits?

Quote;  Friedrich Nietzsche.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”


Ripper said...

This doesn't surprise me in the least. How the mighty fall eh? You only have to watch the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary gig from years ago, a truly star studded event, with the likes of Neil Young, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Tracy Chapman, Eric Clapton, two guys from Pearl Jam and Sinead O' Connor, who didn't actually perform because she got booed off for bad mouthing the pope on US TV. Each artist did their own tribute rendition of a Dylan song, then big Bob himself came on to thunderous applause. It was great until he started to sing, then he sounded like a 13 year old girl on helium. Laugh? I almost bought a round. He ruined the whole thing. I think its still on Youtube somewhere. I hope you had a good Christmas.

Mac said...

Ripper, I’m never quite sure if I feel sorry or embarrassed for, or annoyed with these stars of old who should’ve left the limelight and retired gracefully many years ago but just refuse to ‘let go'.
A few can carry it off but most just come across as sad.
A good Christmas was had, thank you, and trust you had good days also.

Ripper said...

Disillusioned would be the word for me Mac, in the 60s, if Dylan had come out with this rubbish his career would have been over instantly. If you wanted a protest song his stuff was the place to look. I can only think that he's getting a bit short on money and this is a feeble attempt at milking the last drops from his name. Reminds me of other examples as well, such as Roger Daltry advertising credit cards and Johnny Rotten in a butter advert. Scraping the bottom of the barrel much? Fakers the lot of them. Christmas day has been good for me this year thanks Mac, I got to play with trains and watch Fireman Sam with my 3 year old grandson.

Mac said...

You sum it all up very well indeed leaving me with nothing to add. Other than the butter adverts were rubbish. Remember ‘Rise’? It’s linked over on the left. From that to butter beggars belief.
Fireman Sam? Hay, I watch Sponge Bob without an ‘excuse’!!

Ripper said...

Yes I remember Rise. Almost all of the punk scene was hypocritical at the time, big bands like the sex pistols sang about how hard done to everybody was and how they hated the rich, then they signed record deals and became ermm.. rich very quickly. A few bands remained true to their beliefs though.


Its difficult now, watching the Rise video, to take it seriously, or at least watch it without imagining a slice of toast in his hand, spread with Country Life.

Mac said...

See? There is at least one constant for me!! I've always loved hot buttered toast!