1 Oct 2013

And Then A Bit Of Geekery….

Okay, I'm sure I'm not alone in being absolutely fed up to here with the political parties conference season. I, of course, have no idea if you are indeed 'up to here' with it or not and likewise you will have no idea where my 'up to here' actually is. Thus you will probably spot the pointlessness of this first paragraph.

With this pointlessness in mind, I was left with a choice; delete the first paragraph and start again, or, just start again right here. If you're reading this it'll be obvious to you that I went with the second option.  This'll also prove to you the pointlessness of the second paragraph as well, so rendering the entire post, thus far, pointless. Pardon? Say what? As are all my posts? Oh.

Back briefly to the political conferences; if nothing else it gives us the opportunity to listen to a whole hell of a bunch of them on the radio and TV telling us how lucky we are that they're in charge or how unlucky we are they aren't in charge and the more you listen, and boy, can they ever talk and talk without ever saying a word, the more you come to realise that if you bunched the whole lot of 'em together you'd still end up with an entity with even less political nous than an out-house mouse.

So it was I went to seek solace in that ol' tablet application store, the free bit, and what did I stumble upon? A free Sat Nav Application. Whoa! Competition for Mr Tom-Tom then!!
"Come on you!! let's go for a drive and try this baby out!!" I said waving ol' Mr Tablet about. 
"Try what baby out?" She asked in that uninterested way women have when sensing something that's going to involve boys toys.
"This new thingy on the tablet that'll guide us to where ever we decide to go!"
I knew she was sharing my excitement as she replied, "Oh." She continued, "No idea what you mean but if you going to use machine, I'll get food, water and blankets. Snow digger still in car? Maybe I phone sister now and say goodbye."
She actually said 'banklets' but that's neither here nor there. Actually, it's as pointless as the proceeding paragraphs.

Application story short? For free, it worked really well and seemed better than the cars own built-in, non-Tommy navigation system. A seven inch screen is a mighty plus. The downside, for her, was that she had to hold the tablet and, understandably, pretty quickly got tired of that game. Holders are available but more 'testing' is required before I decide to go down that road, marked or otherwise, and it being graphics intense, with constant screen refreshes, I'm sure an in-car charger would be needed for long journeys.

If you have an Android tablet and are bored, and I'm talking seriously, desperately bored, give it a try some time. It's called M8 and it's here.  Remember the magic 'free' word.

Later, I found WhereR We. Really, are they nuts? I mean really! Where am I? They think I don't know where I am? They have got to be kidding! WhereR We indeed. Okay, that's enough geekery for one night. Right, where was I.......

Quote;  Charles M Schulz.

A wise old owl sat on an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard;
Why aren't we like that wise old bird?

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