4 Jul 2013

And Then White Flag Time….

As I said yesterday, I've accepted defeat and slunk away to lick my wounds. Technology, yet again, stands alone on the bloody field, victorious.  The machine's being returned to sender, as they say. If it never returns I'll be so sad I'll probably never stop laughing.

For a while there I was giving as good as I got but, deep down inside, I just knew I wasn't going to beat the beast and this proved to be frustratingly factual.

As a form of tribute to the victor and to all machines and technology in general, here's the only BeeGees song I ever did like. It's very aptly entitled 'You Win Again'.

Says it all really.

Quote;  Douglas Adams.

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.” 

            John Brunner.

“It's supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button.”

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