15 Apr 2013

And Then Cap That….

I see on TV today that this is the day that benefits get capped at £500 a week for a couple and £350 for singular folk. Guess what?  The TV was crammed with people complaining bitterly about how they’re having to cut back on this and that – mainly that; will have to do without that and this – mainly this.  My pensioners heart truly went out to them.  Actually, I made that last line up.  

State pension?  Topped at £110 a week.  Remember this?  “A generous basic state pension is the least a civilized society should offer those who have worked hard and saved through their whole lives.”  George Osborne. 

Remember saying that Gorgeous?  Something else that just popped into your head while driving with your headlights off? You wanna pop round mine some time an’ shoot the breeze about that load of old words?

Never mind. While wishing to squander some of my money I bobbed into a computer super looking store to get me a tablet stylus.  Actually, I only wanted one so should that be a styli? 

There he was priced at £10 which, to this pensioner, seemed  a tad excessive for a very little stick with an extremely small rubber balloon on one end.  But hay, looky here, just along the shelf, what’s this? What it was was an iPhone starter kit.  I’m not making this up by the way.

This kit contained an iPhone cover, a screen protector and a stylus.  The exact self same stylus priced on his own at £10.  The price of this bumper starter kit?  This collective kit was priced at £5.  A whole heap o’ kit for half the price of one little bit o’ the kit.  Works for me – almost.

Sadly, I don’t have an iPhone so couldn’t take advantage of this amazing deal.  I could’ve what?  Oh, right.

Quote;  Gene Perret.

“I'm now as free as the breeze - with roughly the same income.”

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