7 Mar 2013

And Then A Family Pet….

I see that NHS boss guy’s not letting go and, as with all of his ilk, believes himself to be untouchable. Lessons learned? He needs to see the job through? Something like 1,200 possibly needless deaths. See the job through? What’s the final head-count he’s looking for before he goes?  Goes to gaol?

An interesting video below of another type of hospital. Been visiting there a long time before and it really is an amazing place. Okay, it’s pay as you go but, unlike the NHS, you can be quietly confident you'll come out, not only alive, but cured. Oh, and weather protected balcony gardens on every floor for smokers.
Let's finish with a smile…….

It was Scotland/Wales "International" weekend in Edinburgh and as the crowds made their way down Princess Street towards Murrayfield a Rottweiler suddenly lunged, jaws wide open ready to rip, towards an eight year old Scottish lass.

The crowd gasped in horror but, quick as a flash, a man jumped out of the crowd, grabbed the dog by the throat and throttled it to death barehanded.

With the dog laying dead on the ground, and the crowd cheering and clapping in admiration, a journalist from the Glasgow Herald, who had witnessed the heroic deed, rushed up to the guy and said, "That was absolutely brilliant, I can see the headline now, ‘Welsh Rugby Fan Saves Young Girl From Certain Death!’"

The man replied, "Sorry, you've got it wrong. I'm just passing through; I’m not here for the rugby."

"No big deal." said the journalist, "I can see the headline now, ‘Welshman Saves Girl From Jaws Of Savage Rottweiler.’"

The man replied, "Sorry to disappoint you again, but I'm not Welsh; I'm English....."

“Even better!!” The reporter smiled, “I can see the headline now, ‘Heartless English Thug Strangles Scottish Families Pet Dog In Front Of Horrified Children!!’"

Quote;  Steve Fowler.

"The problem with the NHS is the hospital finances are higher up the critical list than the patients."

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