1 Dec 2012

And Then It Was The First….

Here we be then; the first of December and the promised Christmassy toon.  I must admit this was an accidental 'find' but the more I play it, very, very faint memory bells be barely ringing so quite possibly you already know it.

This version is by those masters of the bawdy sea shanty and drinking songs, the Poxy Boggards.  A selection of their numbers, edited by Anime, can be found here. To me, it's just a tad more up-beat than other versions, a couple of which are linked below.

For traditional purists, the original{?} by the McNulty Family, can be found here.  The Irish Rovers are here and for you Steve, should you think of adding it to your seasonal gig repertoire, if it's not already there, here be lyrics.  I'm sure you'll figure the stringy plucky bitties yourself.

At last, here you go.  I do hope you enjoy this fine old song. If you don't, well, you truly do have a heart of stone. 

May I dedicated it to all who, year after year, try to produce a Christmas cake and never quite get it right, and to all who, year after year, are obliged to force a slice down while smiling politely.

Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake

Quote;  Dave Barry.

"Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice."

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