12 Nov 2012

And Then Another Chicken Song….

While clicking round the Web-a-Google, actually touch paddying, I chanced upon the little video below.  A jolly little number that should, I hope, keep you smiling through the week.

I'd played it a couple of times before I spotted the adult material warning up front.  I played it several more times searching for this material but couldn't find any.  Unless.  Unless it's the reference, first rattle out o' the box, to an itchy ass?  Can that really rate a grownup warning?

Other than the ass, what's the big deal with keeping chickens?

So no Foggy warning required here as it's amply taken care of at the beginning of this little movie.  

As for the warning, all I can think is, other than the itchy ass, there may be some other examples of that ol' double entendre thingy at play here.  No idea, but  maybe you'll spot other double doodads along the way.

Irrespective of all the above, if you're lucky enough to be young enough to still have your aging granny with you, cluttering up the sofa, from whence emanates a slight odour of boiled cabbage, put your headphones on……
Quote;  William Jennings Bryan.

"Do not compute the totality of your poultry population until all the manifestations of incubation have been entirely completed."

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