2 Sep 2012

And Then, Let's Go Back A Ways….

Play the track and see how many bands you remember from the accompanying video. Some of you will remember them all, I'm guessing.

Train To Nowhere….. bit like the UK feels. No driver; not even anyone in the Guards Van. Remember them? Guards Vans? That bit stuck on the back of the goods van? Ah, the goods van; it always seemed to contain, at a minimum, four milk churns, two push bikes and a large wicker basket full of racing pidgins.

I do remember a pearl of wisdom passed to me by my father as, at the tender age of fifteen, I boarded a train to Liverpool to find my first ship. "Travelling by train you will see, on every platform of every station in the country, with few exceptions, at least one soldier and two nuns."
And so it proved to be, and yes, nuns did always travel in pairs. Some time later, the armed forces started travelling in civvies and all the nuns
got Morris Minors.

As regards usefulness, it rates right up there with his other gem, quoted before, that, "If you can't fight, wear a big hat." Scarily, you can Google that one but you'll still be a tad lost.

Interestingly, it's many years since I saw any traveling nuns. What happened there then? Can't they get the Morris Minors insured any More?

Anyhoo, what can we do down here? Sit back and make the most of the ride to nowhere 'till we get there and there's absolutely nowhere left to go I guess.

Quote; Dave Barry.

"Just get on any major highway, and eventually it will dead-end in a Disney parking area large enough to have its own climate, populated by large nomadic families who have been trying to find their cars since the Carter administration."


The Filthy Engineer said...

By the way. What was the name of your first ship? And which shipping line.

Mac said...

Good morning Sir,
I joined my first ship in November 1962. The La Falda, owned by a tramp outfit, Buries Markes.
I found her at a lay-by berth in Huskisson Dock, Liverpool, waiting to move to the Tate & Lyle berth to discharge bulk raw sugar. I seem to remember Tate & Lyle’s slogan was, ‘untouched by human hands’. Yeah, right!

I’ll post a picture of her this evening. A fine ship from the days when ships looked like ships rather than just big boxes built to carry thousands of small boxes.