19 Sep 2012

And Then A Bit Of Rent….

There was a knock on the door today. It went, tap – tap tap tetap tap – tap. I answered with tap – tap – tap. The response was an immediate single loud tap. Sensing the door knocking person didn't want to play any longer I opened the door.

It was the meter reading person. How did I know? "I'm the meter reading guy, here to read your electrickery meter." he said and that's how I knew.

Read the meter he did and on his way out I enquired, "So the rumour that electrickery is free this quarter is just a rumour then?" The meter reader gave this a moments thought and gave me his carefully considered reply. "Yup."

Then came the kicker – and make of this what you will.
"Tell you what though, the bestest, worstest rumour I've heard recently is that British Gas are considering charging their customers something like fourteen Pounds a month, or quarter, for the rental of the gas meter."**

My aghast rejoinder, after falling down backwards, picking myself up and dusting myself down, was to enquire as to the chance this was any more than a rumour.
"Just repeating what I heard back at Meter Base the other day and was sworn to secrecy regarding said secret rumour."

This being bad news and him being the messenger as it were, the temptation to punch him in the puss was tremendous but quickly brought under control upon the observation that he was a really, really big guy with HATE tattooed on the fingers of one hand and KILL on the other.

Meter rental? They wouldn't dare. Would they? Okay, I guess they would.

**Wasn't everything 'gas' British Gas once-upon-a-time? If correct, then all meters must belong to British Gas, right? If I'm right, and that doesn't happen often, and you now switch gas provider, the meter still 'belongs' to British Gas, right? So they can charge everyone with a meter, irrespective of gas supplier, a meter rental fee, right? Whoa!! Now that's what I call a winner!!

Quote; John Ruskin.

"The first duty of government is to see that people have food, fuel, and clothes. The second, that they have means of moral and intellectual education."

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