29 Jul 2012

And Then, So Far, No Knock….

We didn't watch the opening thingy of the Olympifest and, to date, my thinking that Olympifest viewing was compulsory may have been misguided as we haven't had a nighttime knock or the front door kicked in at really early AM o'clock in the morning. Yet.

However, I may still be right, and none-viewers have just been put on the back burner, so to speak, while the 'Authorities' go after ticket holders who were no-shows. You have to feel sorry for these people, never mind their reasons for not attending their allotted bit of sport as 'seat fillers', as it sounds like they're really going after them big time and it could get ugly.

Thus, yup, there's that thus again, we hear this ominous ominousnus, "We are trying to find out who these tickets belonged to." and, "We are in the process of finding out who should have been in the seats and why they weren’t there.” The stadiums WILL be full. You hear me? FULL.

So it's possible the 'authorities' are going to track down and disappear the seat no-shows before coming after the no-viewers.

{There's probably a hot line for children to call if they know of someone on their street with tickets who's still in the street when they should be seat filling.}

You know how it goes folks - First they came for those with tickets who didn't show up; and I did nothing…… Apologies to Martin Niemöller. He's what? When? Oh. Forget it then.

Aside from that, we have done our bit, unintentionally, by staying in the loop by just watching the news.

One question; in front of the Olympifest park - what's the deal with the giant scaffold helter-skelter then? Is it part of the crèche? If it is, the bouncy castle must be, like, totally awesome!!


Quote; Evan Sayet.

"At the Olympics in China, every colour was represented... and that was just the drinking water."


D-Rex said...

Smashing post gave me a giggle

Mac said...

Thank you. Now get back in your seat!!

Mac said...

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