7 Mar 2012

And Then I Need To Do Laundry….

While I'm doing the plumbing stuff I thought I'd step back to the good ol' days and, for the short times I have the water on, wash the body and the cloths together in one quick hit. Worked for this kid so it should work for me. Although, being solo at present, I need to work on how to do the pegging myself to the line bit.


Suppose I could stuff myself in the tumble dryer. Wouldn't mind betting there's some health and safety thingy about doing that though. All the same, preferable, I believe, to winding myself through the mangle eh?

The good ol' mangle. Boy, I can still remember the excitement in the house when we got one of those new fangled mangle beauties.

Amazing to see the hand car wash boys still using mangles to wring out their shammies. I guess that's progress.

Pretty sure we never had a posher though. Interestingly, while finding images, it seems a posher may have been called a posser?

Tell you one thing about the old cloths washing kit. It was noted for not wearing out, was pretty damn hard to break and you didn't need to worry about lime scale in your tubes.

Hay, thanks for the photo Wayne.

Quote; Burt Reynolds.

"Marriage is about the most expensive way for the average man to get his laundry done."

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