23 Feb 2012

And Then There Was A Little Set-back….

Remember I was stripping paint off a central heating radiator? If that prompted you to consider stripping that cracked paint job on one of your radiators, a word of advice. If your brain's as corroded as mine, don't.

The little bit of my brain that thought chemical paint stripper would get it? I'm not using that bit o' brain for thought no more.

What a shambles. This 'little' job was rapidly progressing towards fiasco.

Where did 'Boy Blunder' go from there? He went, 'Hay, a heat gun'll sort it!!' Not planning on using that bit o' brain again either.

Using the heat gun, I got the radiator to about thirty seconds from melting point and the paint still looked brand new. Then the penny dropped. How dumb can you get? Sorry, ….I get? Where was the bit o' brain that should've kicked in earlier with the ol' 'wait a minute', bit?

It's a radiator, right? They're built for heat, right? Coated with stove finish enamel paint, right? To be heat resistant, right? A heat gun's going to shift the paint, right? Am I nuts? How dumb can you get? Sorry, ….I get?

On the up side the heat gun was only a rental jobby. On the downside, they don't rent for free.

It's now looking like me and the radiator are getting into a really bad nine line bind. My final solution? Back to basics. Sandpaper - grades various, lots o' rubbing and, when I got finished, big bandages for my paws.

Interestingly, and most annoyingly, I now find that a new radiator that size costs just a tad more than my outlay on chemical paint strippers, heat gun rentals, big bandages and time.

'Boy Blunders' brain is obviously decaying faster than I first thought. Oh, let me think about that line…..

And this is only the start.

Quote; Douglas Adams.

"He attacked everything in life with a mix of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence, and it was often difficult to tell which was which."

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